Welcome to Broken City Music!

We're all about the music, the artist and the true music fan

For music artists of all kinds, we offer an online platform where you can easily create a page where you can share your songs in a way no other music platform does. Like a playlist on steroids, the entire world within your song is on display. No more searching countless websites to uncover it all–from the recording itself, to the artwork, lyrics, the song's story, all the credits (finally!), the music-video and a lot more–can be easily uploaded and managed by you and most importantly, shared with your fans to give them an utterly complete experience the music you've created. When it's all about the music everything else falls into place. 

For the true music fan, Broken City Music is the ultimate online destination. Here, you can have an in depth experience with the songs you love and gain incredible access and insight into the world within a song. 


This platform is part of Broken City Artists, which was founded by 50x platinum songwriter, producer, acclaimed solo-artist and author Adam Watts, percussive arts luminary Mike Jackson & acclaimed songwriter, producer, guitarist Gannin Arnold

We invite you to be a part of BCA's community. We are a collective of artists who believe art is about human expression and connection and that when we put our entire selves into our work, our internal world and the world around us is better for it. Visit: WeAreBrokenCity.com for more details about BCA's founders as well as "A Holistic Approach to the Arts" (the foundational BCA text written by Watts), Broken City Percussion (headed up by Jackson) and Broken City Productions. Thanks for stopping by!