The Shipyard

Story behind the song:

Adam here. I'm pretty into antiques. I make art out of these found objects but recently I've started using old iron objects as percussion. I had this groove built around this very old ship bell I had recently attached to my kit. This sent the rest of the guys on a journey toward the chord progression and vibe that became this piece. Again we did a few takes and started to feel it take shape and then it was in the can. Kind of a good kind of hypnotic, this one.

Written by: Gannin Arnold, Adam Watts & Melvin Lee Davis
Produced by: BROKEN CITY (Adam Watts & Gannin Arnold)
Musicians: Guitar: Gannin Arnold
Bass: Melvin Lee Davis
Drums: Adam Watts
Engineered By: Adam Watts
Mixed By: Adam Watts
Mastered By: Adam Watts
Published By: Published by Reservoir Media Music obo Dying Ego Music, Ganologiks & itself (ASCAP). All rights reserved. Used by permission