Those Things Don't Matter Anymore

Story behind the song:

After listening back to the final take of this one, Melvin started talking about how nice it is to be a bit older and not always feel the need to blow chops all the time, but to just play music. There was a kind of collective "Amen" that swept the room. . . hence the title.

This one just felt good. Lots of space. For me (Adam), this song kind of sums up the overall feeling of this day of playing and recording; three old friends getting together to just see what happens. To listen to each other and play. Respond. Create.

I hadn't hung out with or played with Melvin for well over a decade. He'd been an early mentor to me when I was a young buck back in the late 90s. So supportive of me and my playing, and songwriting as well. Having him over to my studio to play was an honor, it felt like home to be back grooving with him and his massive bass!

Such soulful playing by Gannin and Melvin on this tune.

Written by: Gannin Arnold, Adam Watts & Melvin Lee Davis
Produced by: BROKEN CITY (Adam Watts & Gannin Arnold)
Musicians: Bass: Melvin Lee Davis
Drums: Adam Watts
Guitar: Gannin Arnold
Engineered By: Adam Watts
Mixed By: Adam Watts
Mastered By: Adam Watts
Published By: Published by Reservoir Media Music obo Dying Ego Music, Ganologiks & itself (ASCAP). All rights reserved. Used by permission