Julia Ross

I wanna float away with you
A little fire to make us move
I think you know the reason why
We gotta fly… we gotta fly
We gotta fly… we gotta try

I wanna float up on the weather with you
And if we fight we’ll have to prove
That we can leave the clouds behind
We gotta try… we gotta try
We gotta try… we gotta fly

We’ll never come down
Never come down, never come down
No shutting me out, shutting me out, shutting me out
And if we fight there won’t be anywhere to run
No we can’t run away
Won’t turn it around, turn it around
Turn it around
The only way out is to hit the ground
So baby if you jump, no parachute
Just know that i love you

It’ll be the sky and me and you
We’ll wave goodbye to our issues
We’ll call it rain if one of us cries
So get my high, take me higher
Make me high
C’mon we’ll leave all this madness behind


Here's the sad sad truth
If you're not coming with me
I'm still leaving without you