Julia Ross

Hearts are beating 
Rhythm breathing 
Hear the primal cry

The way you hide 
It makes me wanna 
Make you mine 
Ooo oo oo… King of my jungle
Ooo oo oo… King of my jungle

I've seen a leopard turn into a butterfly 
But there's no power on this earth
Like you and I
You're my Lion, Lion, Lion 

I’ve fallen under pressure 
Hunt me down 
But hold me first

You'll be my oasis 
Ya you'll quench my every thirst 

I want it, I need it
I crossed the desert to get it
I crave it, I feel it
Traveled the world to get it

I want it, I need it
You’ll never let me forget it


(chorus repeat)
I've danced with the devil, that's a different kind of bliss
I've kissed an angel but it's nothing close to this 
You're my Lion, Lion, Lion