Leave Each Other Together

Julia Ross

You see… We don't make sense on paper
You're heavy like a stone and I'm easy weather

Two sided like a bone meant for wishing
Break us apart
And maybe one ends up winning

You put the “i” in belief
I put the “y” in everything
There's something missing
Why hold onto the inevitable darling

Let's leave each other together
A beautiful ending begins
Let's leave each other forever
Give all we had to the wind

My other life has been calling
Your life is happy at home
Let's leave each other together
Together forever together forever

You're the sun, I'm the moon
And when I light up the night
All we got is the whole world in between us
You're on your side
And you forgot about mine
Out of sight out of mind…

I’m crashing in places you never see
You’re building an army that doesn’t need me
Go fight for a heart that just beats for you darling