Broken City Events

Lyric Writing Workshop with Adam Watts

Overview of this video workshop:
  • 75 Minute Video Lyric Writing Workshop

  • On Demand Access (via the Broken City Artists Private Facebook Group)

  • Access to the replay of the Live Workshop Q&A following the workshop.

  • You'll be invited to join the exclusive BCA community (via Facebook).

Get the workshop NOW ($37): 

"During this workshop, I break down my process and show you key techniques I use to craft lyrics. This is the approach I've used to write my most personal solo music as well as hit songs for artists and films across a wide variety of genres (see bio & credits below). We'll dig deep into both the art and craft of writing compelling lyrics and uncovering your unique voice as a writer.

Here's what you'll learn how to do:

  • Transform your ability to write creative, cohesive lyrics and break through writer's block.

  • Combine the power of the human voice, melody, and words in a way that fully expresses your vision.

  • Apply my "Three Cures for Boring Lyrics". These concepts will help you take take your ideas and develop them into lyrics that reflect your unique perspective, thoughts and emotions while effectively engaging and moving listeners.

  • Finally, you'll be able to witness a Q&A session where I've answered some interesting questions from previous workshop attendees."